How big is your Community?

April 15, 2016 5:24 pm Comments Off on How big is your Community?

20160405_131313_opt On April 5th, 2016 the Upper Elementary students had the opportunity to visit The Rothenberg Preparatory Academy Rooftop Garden in Over the Rhine. CMA students were invited to take part in “planting day” at The Rothenberg School. Many volunteers and teachers were paired with CMA fourth through 6th grade students and fourth grade students from Rothenberg Preparatory Academy. Rothenberg Preparatory Academy has an expansive rooftop on which they grow plants and vegetables each year. Students use the roof and the garden for many activities throughout the year. Rothenberg Rooftop School Garden provides enhanced education to students in an outdoor classroom. Garden lessons integrate math, science, and reading into hands-on education experiences that complement the students’ academic curriculum.

20160405_131117_optStudents, teachers, and volunteers followed a lesson plan teaching students about how to plant seeds using appropriate spacing of seeds, rows of seeds, and how deep to plant the seeds using twine, rulers, and seed markers. The lesson was called: Yo Seeds, Wake Up!

Students were asked questions such as; “Do you think the seeds are alive?” Why or Why not? “Can we test to see if the seeds are alive?” (plant them). “Are there conditions that may help the seeds to grow?” (soil, temperature, moisture, light). “Do you think seeds planted in the rooftop garden will germinate faster or slower than seeds planted in raised beds on the ground?” Explain your response (accept all ideas. CMA students will be taking seeds back to school with them to plant in their garden and we will track and compare growth). “Do you think the soil in the rooftop garden is different from the soil in gardens on the ground?” (temperature, moisture, light, organisms, pH, nutrients). “Why is it important to read the seed packet and know the planting requirements?” (seeds planted too deeply may not germinate. Seeds planted too closely could choke each other out).

20160405_103430 (1)_optEach student planted, and enjoyed meeting new friends in Downtown Cincinnati and enjoyed a day on the roof top garden and meeting new friends. CMA students also enjoyed a walk to the Echo Community Garden. Students from Rothenberg School will be visiting CMA in May to compare soil and plants that Rothenberg gave CMA students to plant in the CMA garden.

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