A Good Match

January 2, 2014 12:16 pm Comments Off on A Good Match

Central Montessori Academy truly supports the development of the whole child, and has been a good match for both of my very different children! My 7 year old is very creative, sensitive, and academically advanced. CMA has been able to challenge her academically and the Montessori method provides endless opportunities for her academic growth. She is encouraged to use her creativeness through research projects, presentations, and story writing. She loves her school and teachers! My 3 year old is developing into a very independent learner. He needs lots of movement opportunities during his learning time and the Montessori environment provides lots of freedom for this to happen! He loves making his own work choices, preparing his own snack, singing and dancing with his friends, and of course playing on the beautiful natural playground. His teachers are consistent, loving, and enthusiastic. CMA is a great match for us and the CMA community is an extension of our family!
–Submitted by a parent