A Poem written by one of 6th Graders

May 7, 2020 1:12 pm Comments Off on A Poem written by one of 6th Graders

During this pandemic. Try your best not to panic.

Although everything is bad. Don’t let it make you sad.

While this is going by. You all just sit and wait.

Even though you know. That this is not your fate.

I know that it’s tough. I know that it’s hard.

But just keep going. And you will break the bar.

Though we are isolated. We do not stand alone.

For everyone is there. Even in their home.

You think that that’s bad. But soon you’ll be glad.

For on May first, everything will burst.

All will be free. All will be happy.

So do not fret. During this flight.

Take your eyes off the road and look towards the light.

Riley, 6th Grader at Central Montessori Academy

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