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Collaboration at Upper Elementary

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to Central Montessori Academy. It was important that we held true to the values of Montessori Education, while also creating a safe and engaging learning environment.

Collaboration is one of those important aspects of the Montessori Elementary program. It is incredible to watch two Upper Elementary (4-6th graders) in person classes and a group of remote learners come together as one community with the assistance of technology. Ms. Rene Steinkamp and Mr. Mark Traxler each in their designated classroom community use cameras, projectors and computers to have a whole Upper Elementary morning meeting

After morning meeting students collaborate in small groups or have lessons with the teacher. The remote students attend lessons on the computer. Do you see in the picture the student on computers sitting on chairs ready for group instruction with the teacher?


Other remote students collaborate with in person students on an assignment, while others work independently. The fundamental principles of Montessori education are truly alive and well at Central Montessori Academy. Students are joyfully learning and collaborating.

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