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Western African Masks

The students in Upper Elementary learned about Western African masks and then created a replica using paper.

The time period in which the Cubist movement was developing in Europe was also an active period of colonialization for the most powerful European countries. France was one of these. As the conquerors traveled to these far off places, they would collect objects. These objects were made with great care and of great beauty and significance to the indigenous people, were brought to Europe and sometimes displayed in museums. Picasso and Matisse, along with other artists of that period would visit these museums for inspiration. In this assignment, you will put yourself in the role of the ancient people in the horn of Africa who created  the masks in the museums. These masks were used for rituals, they served as key objects during ceremonies and were significant to the communities that they came from. Choose a mask to recreate. Put yourself in the mindset of the original artist. Create your mask with respect, reverence and attention to detail.

Check out photos and the art the students created. Blog African masks – Western Africa