Frequently Asked Questions

Central Montessori Academy – Toddler, Preschool and Elementary in Northwest Cincinnati

We are an independent Montessori school nurturing and developing young scholars from toddler through sixth grade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Montessori?
The Montessori Philosophy teaches and builds educational skills through hands on learning and discovery. A true Montessori philosophy works on the entire child, including their social and emotional development. Studies published by American Montessori Society have founds that students who attend Montessori educational programs have the ability to communicate orally, cooperate, think critically, and to view the human experience and how it relates to the constantly changing world.

See About Montessori for more information

Are you accredited?
Central Montessori Academy is affiliated with the American Montessori Society (AMS) and is on the path to accreditation. This affiliation with AMS shows that our program provides authentic Montessori experience with all certified Montessori teachers.

Central Montessori Academy is a member of the Ohio Association of Independent schools, the American Montessori Society, the Cincinnati Montessori Society, and the International Montessori Council. Currently the school is working towards achieving accreditation with the American Montessori Society and eventually with the Independent Schools Association of the Central States.

Do I have to live in the area or school district where CMA is in order to attend there?
No, you don’t have to live near CMA to attend school here. We are a private school within the Mt. Healthy school district. We have children enrolled in CMA from all over the Tri-State area.

What age children do you serve?
We offer programs for children ages 18 months through sixth grade. Please browse the Our Programs page to learn more.

Are there openings available?
We welcome rolling admissions, but availability varies throughout the year. Please call our office to inquire about availability for a specific program.

How do I enroll?
The typical process begins with touring our school, followed by an application and student interview, then an acceptance decision.

At the Student Interview, our teachers will work one-on-one with your child and do their evaluating based on our curriculum guidelines. The pre-primary students will work with a teacher for about 20-30 minutes and the elementary students spend a half-day with us. The goal is to make sure we are a right fit for your child and your child is a good match for CMA.

Please see the Enrollment Process and Timeline page for more information.

Does CMA offer a summer program?
We offer an educationally-focused summer camp for toddlers through age 6 that supplements our classroom experiences. Summer camps are open to both CMA and non-CMA students.

Are you licensed?
Central Montessori Academy is a non-profit, independent Montessori school licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Early Childhood Education and the State of Ohio Department of Education. CMA is licensed to serve toddlers, preschoolers and chartered to serve children in Kindergarten through Grade 6.

Are your teachers Montessori certified?
With a strong commitment to providing children with the highest quality education, there are Montessori-certified educators in every classroom.

What are your teacher/student ratios?
It is CMA’s policy that staff member/child ratios must be maintained at all times. The present staff/child ratios are as follows:

  • 1:6 for Toddler (18 – 36 months)
  • 1:12 for Pre-Primary (Preschool and Kindergarten)
  • 1:18 for Elementary Grades (1st- 6th Grade)

What are your testing results?
CMA does not administer standardized tests until the student’s 2nd grade year, however, regular progress reports are given to parents throughout the school year for all ages. Progress may be reported in the form of written report cards, parent-teacher conferences, phone calls or email.

On standardized tests, children who began in our program as Montessori preschoolers consistently have scores in the top 15% of students nationwide. Our students’ success goes well beyond the tests, as they often take on leadership roles in their junior high years and frequently return to CMA to perform community service.