Upper Elementary Classroom

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Upper Elementary Classroom

Dear Upper Elementary Families,

A new year is beginning in our classroom and we are so excited for the 2022/23 school year. This year will provide some unique and exciting opportunities for child independence and group collaboration. Mark your calendars for preview day on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, from 4:00 – 6:00 PM. We would love to see you and it is the best way for your student to feel secure walking into the classroom on Wednesday, and it won’t seem so foreign to them.

Masks in the classroom are optional for students this year. CMA is following Hamilton County guidelines and if they change throughout the year, information will be sent out to families. We ask that they bring in headphones or earbuds to keep in the classroom while doing work on the computer (write name on them).

Cell phones and smart watches will not be allowed in the classroom or aftercare this year, but if they need one to communicate with their parents, they can keep them in their backpack and only use it when discussed with the teacher. Any fidgets a student may need for help with focus or concentration will be provided by the school.

It’s important to keep in mind that at this stage of your child’s development, they need to become more independent and take on more responsibility. Remember to have your child share any information or papers that may be in their backpacks (you will need to ask/check their backpacks until this is a habit of giving you information). Students will be taking planners home every Friday for parents to sign and return to school on Monday. This will allow parents to stay up to date on work being done in the classroom on a weekly basis by their child. The more independent we help them to be, the better they will be able to grow with their educational responsibilities.

Students must be dropped off at carline. Please do not walk your child to the building/classroom, this way the message is “I know you can do this on your own.” This also allows for less disruptors in the morning carline as we try to be as efficient as possible getting students in the building.

In the classroom, we allow the children to eat nutritional snacks once in the morning, and once in the afternoon as well as having water bottles available (we do have a water filter on our faucet). Make sure your child writes their name on bottles. This is a great time for the children to start making their own lunches/snacks which is one more way of helping them become more independent (occasionally check to make sure they’re nutritious). Their lunches are also to be nutritional (see the family handbook) and make sure they have an ice pack if their lunch needs to be refrigerated or a thermos to keep things hot (we have a microwave rotating schedule, information to come later). Please provide a placemat or napkin for the students to put their lunches on, this makes the clean-up easier.

This year, we are celebrating student birthdays to the fullest extent. Students are invited to bring a snack/treat to share (we currently have 23 students) with the class on the day of their birthday celebration and parents are invited to come into the classroom for the celebration if they choose. Birthday Celebrations will happen either before lunch (11:15-11:30am) or at the end of the day (3:00-3:15pm), whichever time works best for the family.

We require students to have in-door shoes, so they will need to bring an extra pair of shoes for classroom wear. This can be slippers, or some other comfy shoes that are used indoors only at school. We also would like the students to have an extra set of clothes (underwear and socks too) put in a plastic bag with their name on it, because we go outside for recess in all weather except heavy rain. These extra clothes should stay in your child’s backpack and be replaced when needed. We also recommend they leave rain boots and snow boots at school because everyone goes outside, even when it’s muddy. In the winter, snow boots and snow gear can be left at school as well (put names on the inside when possible since other children may have the same shoes/clothes).

We are so excited for the school year and to welcome the students back into their environment to develop ownership and care for the classroom and each other. The best way to get a hold of us if you have any questions or concerns is to email Mark or Audrey. If it is an emergency please contact Denise Ott in the office at (513) 742-5800.

Mark: Mtraxler@centralmontessoriacademy.com
Audrey: arieger@centralmontessoriacademy.com

Mark Traxler and Audrey Rieger

 Items to Bring to School:

  •   Water bottle with closed lid (no straw exposed) daily (no fountains)
  •   Headphones
  •   In-door shoes
  •   Rain boots (Snow boots in winter)
  •   Change of clothes (sealed in a ziplock plastic bag) to keep at school
  •   Laptop from home (after contract is discussed and signed) is optional
  •   Lunch box/bags daily