Staff and Board

At Central Montessori Academy, we understand that experienced, dedicated teachers are what make any school program strong. Everyone on our teaching staff holds degrees and Montessori training. The teachers at CMA are passionate about their work and really are the heart and soul of our school. We are proud that many of our Montessori teachers first started their Montessori journey with their children joining CMA, and now they are teachers at CMA.

Pre-Primary Teachers and Staff

  • Lizzie Roth – Star Room Faculty
  • Rachel Weber – Star Room Faculty
  • Mollie Peters – Earth Room Faculty
  • Sara Thomas – Earth Room Faculty
  • Shari Rouse – Before and Aftercare Coordinator, Reading Specialist
  • McKenzee Wilkins – Afternoon Assistant

Lower Elementary Teachers and Staff

  • Chavonne Taylor- Comet Room Faculty
  • Larita Hayden- Health and Physical Education Teacher, Comet Room Faculty
  • Terri Cerimiele-Rieger – Asteroid Room Faculty
  • LaDonna Brusch – Art Education Teacher, Asteroid Faculty

Upper Elementary Teachers and Staff

  • René Steinkamp – Northern Lights Room Faculty
  • Mark Traxler – Northern Lights Room Faculty

Auxility Faculty and Specialist Staff

  • Cesar Arellano – Spanish Specialist, Emeritus
  • Andrea Rosenthal- Warnken – Music Program, Elementary
  • LaDonna Brusch – Art Education Teacher
  • Larita Hayden – Physical Education Teacher
  • McKenzee Wilkins- Physical Education Assistant teacher
  • McKenzie Wills – Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Robin Rice – Intervention Specialist
  • Shari Rouse – Reading Specialist
  • Rachel Bonar, Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute [COTI] – Occupational Therapist

The highly skilled and experienced faculty and staff at Central Montessori Academy often provide professional development and training to other Montessori teachers.

Our expert faculty has presented at regional, national and international conferences, on topics such as:

  • Reflective practice
  • Creating mission statements with students
  • Music education
  • Technology integration
  • Inclusion of students with diverse learning styles
  • Confidentiality issues in education
  • Montessori leadership

Additionally, members of our faculty have been special speakers on university panels and discussion groups.

Administrative Staff

The Administrative Staff, under the direction of the Head of School, manages CMA’s day-to-day operations. Our Administrative Staff is an approachable group who are committed not only to helping walk you through the admission process, but to making sure you feel welcome and included as a part of the Central Montessori Academy’s community.

Denise Ott is our Office and Admissions Associate who schedules all tours and interviews. Please contact her at (513) 742-5800 if you are interested in learning more about CMA.

  • Head of School – Kristin Patterson
  • Business Manager – Rob Reed
  • Admission and Office Associate- Denise Ott
  • Admissions and Office Manager – Cheri Hauer

Board of Trustees

Per CMA’s Bylaws, the stewardship of the school is entrusted to the Board of Trustees.  The Board is voted on by CMA’s parents and legal guardians.  They are responsible for the school’s governing policies, its fiscal health and its mission. In all matters, the Board must consider the best interests of the school over their own interests, or over those of any constituent group in the CMA Community.  Committees support the work of the Board and the school.

The Board consists of five (5) voting Trustees including the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and At-Large Trustee.  The Trustees hold Board meetings typically on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the school.  To assist the Trustees in carrying out the duties of the Board and to be a liaison between the Board and CMA’s parents and legal guardians (known as Associates), the Trustees appoint a minimum of five (5) non-voting Advisors known as the Advisory Council who are also expected to participate in Board meetings.  CMA Associates and community members are more than welcome to attend Board meetings as honored guests. View CMA’s 2017- 2022 Comprehensive Strategic Plan.

Contact the Board


Board of Trustees

  • President – Amanda Sopko
  • Vice President – Shari Coffey
  • Treasurer – Brenda Wolfersberger
  • Secretary – Alison Hadley
  • Trustee-at-Large – Na’Tima Harrison

Advisory Council

  • Kristin Patterson – Head of School
  • Rob Reed – Business Manager
  • Tom Connor – Associate
  • Alicia Ostmann – Associate
  • Caity King – Associate
  • Jen Combs – Associate