Auxiliary Teachers and Specialist Staff

Central Montessori Academy – Toddler, Preschool and Elementary in Northwest Cincinnati

We are an independent Montessori school nurturing and developing young scholars from toddler through sixth grade.

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Auxiliary Teachers and Specialist Staff

The highly skilled and experienced faculty and staff at Central Montessori Academy often provide professional development and training to other Montessori teachers, have presented at local and national level American Montessori Association Conventions and have been speakers on university panels and discussion groups.

Music Education

Andrea Rosenthal Warnken
Music Program, Elementary

I have taught general music and private music lessons at CMA since 2024. I hold a B.A. in English and theatre performance from Ohio Northern University and a J.D. from the University of Cincinnati.

I still marvel at the circuitous route I took to becoming a teacher. From litigator to stay-at-home mom to music educator? Sure, why not! Hanging up my suits and focusing on music was like coming home.

Being in a profession where I get to draw out imagination, mine for self-confidence, and build students’ skills makes for fulfilling, interesting days. My lessons are constantly evolving, as each year brings new group dynamics and new areas of interest for the students. I rely heavily on the Orff-Schulwerk method of teaching and attend continuing education seminars in that area.

I have performed in plays, musicals, swing choirs, concert choirs, concert bands, wind ensembles and orchestras in the past and have sung with the May Festival Chorus. I have written, recorded and performed original music and more recently have explored writing prose poetry and creating film shorts. I find that a little bit of all those musical experiences finds its way into my work with your children.

Working with staff and faculty who dedicate themselves to maximizing every child’s educational and personal growth is something I truly appreciate about CMA. Having taught in other schools, I can say that we have a uniquely engaged and supportive
parent community.

Art Education

Rita Gross
Art Education Teacher

My name is Rita Gross. I have been in education since 2009. My time has been split between working with students one on one as a Paraprofessional, an Intervention Specialist and an Art educator.
Prior to obtaining my education license, I worked in the accounting field. I enjoyed working with and training my co-workers. After many years of office work, I couldn’t forget my childhood dream of becoming an art teacher. So at the age of forty, I went to Miami University to get my license in Art Education. Later I went on to get my Intervention license from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Before joining the Central Montessori Academy team, I worked for the Warren County Learning Center, teaching students with emotional and behavioral needs. There,I was able to grow as a teacher and learned to build lasting relationships with the students.

I am a lifelong learner and hope to bring that enthusiasm to my classroom as I introduce new artists, materials and techniques to the students. I believe that art is a personal expression and each student should feel free to express themselves without judgment. I enjoy watching as students learn and develop their skills and then create something that makes themselves smile.

Reading Specialist

Shari Rouse
Reading Specialist

Hello, I am Shari Rouse. I began working at CMA in 2012. I work with Kindergarten through 6th grade students who are on a Tier 2 or Tier 3 level. These students receive reading intervention in areas of reading and writing. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with a reading endorsement from Miami University in 2007. In 2017, I graduated from Miami University with my Master’s in Language and Literacy with a Third Grade Guarantee. Since college I have worked in several educational environments and none compares to Central Montessori Academy. The most exciting aspect is the close, caring community that encompasses CMA. This community provides support to older children who are role models, to younger children who gain confidence, and to the teachers who provided freedom within limits to allow those active seekers appropriate time to pursue their knowledge and independence. CMA is not only special because of the children who provide us with laughter, joy, and the realization of why we became teachers; however it is also because of the community, families, and parents that provide support, time, and help when needed.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Theray and Montessori- Kindred Spirits- Moving Towards a Scientific and Medical Pedagogy

Rachel Bonar
Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute [COTI] – Occupational Therapist

My name is Rachel Bonar and I am a member of the Occupational Therapy Team at Central Montessori Academy. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to be at CMA for the past 8 years! During this time, I have loved learning more about the Montessori classroom and community! I recently read an article which referred to occupational therapy and Montessori as “kindred spirits” and I think this is a great description! As a school based occupational therapy practitioner it is a joy for me to support students with self regulation, fine motor skills, social- emotional learning, sensory processing, interoception and more! I love getting to support students with activities across their school day and watching them grow and thrive!

My husband James and I have 2 little boys named Louis and Charlie (5 & 3). Our family loves to go for bike rides, hikes and explore parks together!

I am looking forward to another great school year at CMA!

Intervention Specialist

Corey Tuck
Intervention Specialist

My name is Corey Tuck, and I am excited to be an intervention specialist with CMA beginning with the 2023-2024 school year.

I have experience teaching high school math and language arts, and I began working on my special education license after my wife and I fostered and adopted our children, who have special needs of their own. I wanted to learn how to help our children with their trauma, learning disabilities, and struggles with ADHD. I want to apply what I have gained from personal experiences into the classroom. I was recently a preschool itinerant intervention specialist, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the CMA community. Outside school, I love spending time with my wife of almost 20 years and our three children, as well as running marathons.

Speech Language Pathology Specialist

Lindsay Fossitt
Speech Language Pathology Specialist

Hello, I am Lindsay Fossitt. I am thrilled to be a part of Central Montessori Academy representing Speech Language Pathology. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences from Ohio University in 2002. I obtained my Master of Arts degree in Speech Language Pathology at the University of Cincinnati in 2004. For 19 years, I worked at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in a variety of settings throughout multiple locations including outpatient developmental pediatrics to inpatient adolescent psychiatry. Every child is unique and it is my passion to be a part of helping each child thrive.