Central Montessori Academy accepts the EdChoice Scholarship

We accept the EdChoice Scholarship for all students in K-6.

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Central Montessori Academy accepts the EdChoice Scholarship for all students in K-6. Every Ohio student in grades K-12 is eligible for an EdChoice scholarship on a decreasing pro-rated scale based on a family’s income. Level of Eligibility is determined by the state of Ohio under its guidelines, and once a student qualifies with the state, the scholarship remains in place through 12th grade without the need for income verification in following years. Students on the Autism or Jon Peterson Scholarships are NOT eligible for this scholarship.

All families who request need-based tuition assistance from CMA must also apply for EdChoice, and your EdChoice award will be factored into your need-based tuition assistance package.

To claim your EdChoice Scholarship, families must:

  • Check out the enrollment process to be admitted to Central Montessori Academy.

  • Research which EdChoice scholarship would be best for your family: Traditional EdChoice, or EdChoice Expansion.

  • Submit to Central Montessori Academy a completed EdChoice Scholarship Program Request Form along with the child’s birth certificate and proof of current address (current month’s utility bill or monthly mortgage statement less than 90 days old). Central Montessori will then submit your EdChoice Scholarship application on your behalf.

  • Verify your income through the state if you are applying to the EdChoice Expansion program or if you want to qualify for low-income status under the Traditional EdChoice program. Here is a step-by-step guide to the state’s income verification process.

  • Review the contract you are issued once your EdChoice Scholarship application is approved. Your contract will reflect your scholarship amount, along with any additional scholarship or need-based aid you may receive.

For more information about the EdChoice Scholarship, please visit the Ohio Department of Education’s website for parents. For questions about EdChoice at Central Montessori Academy, please contact Elizabeth Moran, Business Manager at emoran@centralmontessoriacademy.com