After CMA

Central Montessori Academy – Toddler, Preschool and Elementary in Northwest Cincinnati

We are an independent Montessori school nurturing and developing young scholars from toddler through sixth grade.

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After CMA

Education at CMA prepares students to pursue multiple options, including higher-level Montessori classrooms, as well as more traditional educational settings.

Continuing with Montessori 7th-12th Grades

Because CMA offers Montessori from preschool through 6th grade, students at CMA have the wonderful opportunity to experience Montessori in an integrated way. After graduation from CMA, our students have the opportunity to continue on from 7th through 12th grade at regional Montessori schools.

Transitioning To Traditional Classrooms

CMA is licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Early Childhood Education and the State of Ohio Department of Education. Because CMA stays abreast of Ohio state standards, students are fully academically prepared to transition to non-Montessori environments, if desired.

Students will take with them an invaluable set of lifelong skills such as independent learning, collaborating with others, and social skills. To learn more about transferable skills, we encourage you to explore Tim Seldin’s article, which outlines how Montessori-educated students are well prepared to transition to other environments.

There is likely to be an adaption process when a child is transitioning from Montessori into traditional environments. We encourage our parents to open a dialogue with us to talk about any potential move, so we can explore these considerations as they might apply to the individual student and his or her unique needs.

Standardized Testing

Although standardized testing is not a focus within our classrooms, our students are exposed to the testing process and are well equipped to succeed academically on tests. Research has shown that children trained in Montessori environment tend to do well on standardized testing. Here are some mainstream media articles to review that support these statements:

Long-Term Outcomes

An educational foundation established at CMA continues to benefit students well into adulthood. Why? Because Montessori education helps individuals reach their full potential.

Writes Glenn Rifkin, “When it comes to producing creative business leaders, a Montessori education has proven to be a potent predictor of future success.” Read his article:

Montessori graduates aren’t limited to succeeding in one discipline; they have succeeded in many areas of life and across diverse career paths, including literature, engineering, art, medicine, politics, and acting.

Watch this video highlighting people behind famous innovations who have benefited from their Montessori experiences:

Or, check out our compilation of well-known Montessorians.