Central Montessori Academy – Toddler, Preschool and Elementary in Northwest Cincinnati

We are an independent Montessori school nurturing and developing young scholars from toddler through sixth grade.

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My two children have attended CMA for many years. They love it and we love it. They constantly surprise us with what they know. The knowledge is deep and intuitive — it’s become a part of them. We had no idea what Montessori learning was before CMA but we now know this is at its core. The physical school, the teachers, the staff and all the wonderful families and volunteers make learning an exciting, joyful part of life. We would never consider anywhere else.

–Submitted by a parent

We’ve been at CMA for over 12 years, and I cannot say enough fabulous things about the education my kids have received there.

–Kris (Upper Elementary Parent)

I’ve been really pleased with the teachers’ responsiveness to parents, taking the time to answer our questions and provide feedback. They have also given us many opportunities to support the classroom and be a part of the learning environment.

–Jennifer C.

Central Montessori Academy truly supports the development of the whole child, and has been a good match for both of my very different children! My 7 year old is very creative, sensitive, and academically advanced. CMA has been able to challenge her academically and the Montessori method provides endless opportunities for her academic growth. She is encouraged to use her creativeness through research projects, presentations, and story writing. She loves her school and teachers! My 3 year old is developing into a very independent learner. He needs lots of movement opportunities during his learning time and the Montessori environment provides lots of freedom for this to happen! He loves making his own work choices, preparing his own snack, singing and dancing with his friends, and of course playing on the beautiful natural playground. His teachers are consistent, loving, and enthusiastic. CMA is a great match for us and the CMA community is an extension of our family!

–Submitted by a parent

This school is wonderful. They teach that everyone is unique and learns their own way – no one is labeled as different. They allow children to advance at their own pace, so that those who are advanced can work on work appropriate for their abilities.

–Submitted by a parent

Teachers at CMA devote their lives to giving our children the tools to succeed and inspire them. Every day they meet them on the front lines of education. They listen, challenge, and encourage children to stand up for their values. Teachers see each child as an individual; and they keep their sense of humor against all odds.

–Chris & Vanessa H.

Alumni student reached out to his 4-6th grade teacher after entering 7th grade to say:
I’ve noticed how much the language you’ve taught has helped me, with my new vocabulary work. I have never seen any of these words before, but learning some of the roots has helped me find out what they mean. Even if I don’t know the actual definition of the word, it still got me close enough to guess. I just wanted to say, Thank you for you teaching me all things I know, so I can progress.


Central Montessori Academy is the best school ever! We all love it!

–Cecilia (Pre-Primary Parent)

The children have a zeal to achieve and excel in life because of the teachers’ inspiration and dedication.

–The S. Family

CMA is like a breath of fresh air. Every day, my child is greeted with a hug and a smile, and every afternoon, he is escorted to the car with a wish for a great evening. This school is like a large family, and every child is valued. I have spent time in the classrooms, and the level of engagement by the students is inspiring. THIS is what a Montessori school is supposed to look like. The teachers here get it , and they live it every day. They have created a lovely environment where following the child is possible. The strong organizational skills taught at the upper elementary level help prepare students for the more rigorous demands of Middle School. My son absolutely loves going to school what more could a parent want?

–Submitted by a parent

The compassion that the teachers have shown will always be with my daughter in her journey of life. I am so proud to be a part of the CMA family and know that my daughter is in a loved and nurturing environment.

–Margaret R.